ICS SOLIX and PROCURESHIP join forces to enhance your IHM Process

ICS SOLIX is dedicated to providing shipping companies, ship suppliers, and service providers with the tools they need to streamline their processes. We’re constantly striving to expand and improve our line of products and services to deliver effective solutions to the challenges facing our global customer base.

To achieve this goal and also enhance our clients HSQE Performance, ICS SOLIX is proud to announce a partnership with one of the world’s leader procurement providers, PROCURESHIP, to further optimize  Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) Maintenance.

Maintenance of Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM), through collection, review and assessment of MD/SDoC forms, is critical to the smooth operation of a shipping company. Managing IHM Maintenance process requires detailed planning and efficient tracking procedures to ensure compliance with all the applicable EU and IMO regulations. Issues related to the proper Maintenance of Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) can cause numerous problems for a shipping company, including costly delays and possible fines.

“This collaboration is designed to assist shipping companies to ensure compliance with all the rules and regulations related to the presence of Hazardous Materials onboard a vessel.”


ICS SOLIX is a global leader in Environmental Consultancy. ICS SOLIX has developed and provides a bundle of Environmental Consulting services, aiming to assist industry stakeholders i.e., ship owners, ship managers, port facilities, ship recycling facilities, suppliers, achieve adequate Compliance with applicable Legislation, while enhancing Performance and increasing Efficiency. A relative newcomer to the shipping industry (established in 2019), ICS SOLIX has already managed to attract a number of high-profile clients with their highly regarded consulting services.


PROCURESHIP was established by a team of young entrepreneurs with the vision to revolutionize marine procurement. The company’s long-term vision stands as a fundamental driver to constantly search for new areas of improvement and to broaden its range of provided services. Always at the forefront, PROCURESHIP provides unique features by leveraging its exceptional technological capabilities, unparalleled customer support and pioneering spirit.

Keeping your Business in Compliance

With ICS SOLIX and PROCURESHIP collaboration, shipping companies will now be able to enhance and improve their IHM processes, using Procureship’s IHM Maintenance feature, in conjunction with ICS SOLIX’s LAMINAE™ IHM Maintenance module.

ICS SOLIX offers a trustworthy and competitive solution for shipping companies that wish to outsource their vessels’ IHM Maintenance process. Procureship facilitates the process by allowing the direct transfer of all the collected IHM documents, submitted by suppliers, to ICS SOLIX’s LAMINAE™ software. LAMINAE™, a web-based, shipping-oriented solution enables direct process of all ga- thered documentation, with complete review and assessment of MD/SDoC forms, along with regular Reporting and Supplier rating, in line with relevant industry requirements i.e., TMSA and DBMS, producing comparable IHM Maintenance, at regular interval and/or upon request.

This collaboration is designed to assist shipping companies to ensure compliance with all the rules and regulations related to the presence of Hazardous Materials onboard a vessel.

Procureship and ICS SOLIX: A Partnership Built for Success

Environmental Legislation and related requirements applicable to the shipping industry are constantly always changing. Shipping companies and their suppliers need the tools to stay on top of the latest environmental laws and regulations. This new partnership between Procureship and ICS SOLIX provides our customers with a trustworthy and user-friendly end-to-end IHM process to ensure their legal obligations are fulfilled.

For more info, contact us at info@ics-solix.com and support@procureship.com.