Local IHM Survey Hubs

  • Piraeus Region (Piraues – Eleusis – Aspropirgos – Megara)
  • Lavrion
  • Chalkis
  • Kalamata
  • Neapoli Voion
  • Syros
  • ARA (Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Antwerp)
  • Istanbul Yalova
  • Mumbai
  • Singapore
  • Shanghai Port
  • Ningbo Port
  • Tianjin Port
  • Qingdao Port
  • Nansha Port (Guangshou)
  • Nantong Port
  • Rugao Port
  • Jiang Yin Port
  • Dong Guan
  • Taipei
  • Keelung (Taiwan)
  • Port of Balboa,PANAMA

ICS SOLIX™ establish local IHM Surveyor Hubs in strategic ports globally.

ICS SOLIX™ has established local IHM Surveyor hubs at major port locations: ARA (Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Antwerp), Turkey, Mumbai, Singapore and China, strengthening thus its global presence and facilitating fast response to vessels calling to global ports, reducing transportation costs and enabling smooth implementation and compliance.

ICS SOLIX™, a multi-approved, ISO Certified Environmental Consultancy firm, has been working closely with major shipping companies, developing IHMs and assisting with proper IHM maintenance.

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