IHM – What I have to do?

IHM – What I have to do?

ICS SOLIX™, proactive in maritime consultancy sector, combining knowledge, expertise, experience and capacity, serves as a reliable consultant to shipowners, assisting the in covering a shipowner’s need for an efficient IHM solution.

ICS SOLIX™ provide complete IHM Compilation for vessels around the world, whether they are newly built, currently trading, or due to be recycled. Surveys required can take place while the vessel is at sea or in port and our surveying teams are able to meet and leave the vessel at most ports internationally.

ICS SOLIX™ provides a turnkey IHM Compilation Services for shipowners that includes all required procedures (Documentation Assessment, Visual & Sampling Check Plan – VSCP Compilation, On board Visual & Sampling Survey, Samples Lab Testing, IHM Development), in full compliance with current rules, regulations and guidelines, including EU Ship Recycling Regulation, the Hong Kong Convention and IMO Guideline MEPC.269(68).

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