IMO continue to contribute to the global fight against climate change and targets to GHG reductions and zero emissions within this century. Thus, Marine Environmental Protection Committee is introducing new short- and long-term measurements toward that goal.

  1. EEDI: Energy Efficiency Design Index.
    EEDI shall be calculated for all new vessels (built after 1/1/2013).
    During vessel’s lifetime:Where Required EEDI is depending on reductions factors and tends to dwindles. Ship owner/manager is responsible to monitoring EEDI and take all needed measures to keep the vessel compliant.
  2. EEXI: Energy Efficiency Design Index for Existing Ships
    All vessels >400 GT should calculate current EEXI (Imo guidelines to be presented on June 2021).
    EEXI Technical file should be prepared and submitted to RO for approval on 1st annual survey after 1st January 2023. New IEEC certificate will be issued.
    Given that:
    Ship owner/manager will have to analyze potential measures, such as Shaft Power Limitation or installation of Energy Efficient Devices, in order EEXI technical file to be approved.
  3. CII: Carbon Intensity Indicator
    From 1/1/2023 all vessels>5000 GT should calculate their Annual Operational Attained CII. Upon comparison with Required CII, a ship-specific Carbon Intensity Rating will be determined ranging from A to E.Should a vessel rated D for 3 consecutive years or E for 1 year, actions should be made and a corrective plan has to be included in the SEEMP, analyzing how vessel’s rating will improve.
  4. SEEMP: Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan
    Each ship shall keep on board a specific SEEMP which should be amended accordingly due to changes in EEXI, CII, etc.
    SEEMP could be a part of SMS.

ICS SOLIX™ provides Complete Energy Efficiency Services that include:

  • Preparation and submission of EEXI technical file.
  • Analyzation and advice in potential measures.
  • Monitoring of installation of new measures.
  • Keeping updated SEEMP.
  • Constant support and advice in company’s Energy Efficiency Management Plan.