Effective management of ship-generated waste requires a high level of know-how and expertise, not only for waste management but also for compliance with competent regulations and adhering to operational timetables.

We provide Consulting Engineer services, using proven advanced practices to provide fully customized solutions for shipping operators, based on IMO International Guidelines and relevant Standards (ASTM, ISO etc.) to facilitate that your ships abide by related requirements while keeping costs at feasible levels.

Our services cover the entire range of activities that produce ship-generated waste, from procurement, separation and storage on board to delivery at Port Reception Facilities, meeting all the requirements applicable to above operations. In detail, our MARPOL & WASTE MANAGEMENT Consulting Services cover:

  • Waste Management Planning
  • Shipboard Waste Management Plans
  • Waste Management Consulting
  • Waste Management Training
  • MARPOL: Awareness, Implementation & Compliance
  • Environmental Compliance Auditing