There are typically some 1000 serious shipping casualties globally each year. Environmental legislation requires relevant coastal state to order that a wreck is removed. Accurate numbers are hard to source but it is suggested that there are approximately 50 wreck removal operations globally each year. Wreck Removal projects are technically challenging due to many factors.

We provide Environmental Project Management Services, in terms of Environmental Compliance, during Salvage & Wreck Removal operations.

We offer Independent Consulting Engineer services from the moment a casualty takes place to the successful completion of the operation. Solix Engineering™ has a proven track-record and broad experience in this field and is an established expert partner in the salvage and wreck removal industry. Our services on salvage and wreck removal include:

  • Pollution GIS Mapping
  • Environmental impact assessment studies
  • Engineering data acquisition and evaluation support
  • Risk management & assessment
  • On-site support
  • Dispute and arbitration support
  • Waste Management Consulting