Ship Recycling Consultancy

Ship Recycling Consultancy

With our comprehensive experience and expertise in the environmental protection and maritime business, our Ship Recycling Consultancy services include:


Our team can assist you in preparing Corporate Internal Procedures to ensure that they meet all requirements under the guidance and are fit for purpose. We can also assist you in carrying out inspection and testing works for the identification of hazardous materials and managing any remediation works required as part of the process.

  • assisting clients in the preparation of Ship Recycling Plans, in-line with the 2011 Guidelines for the Development of the Ship Recycling Plan,
  • ensuring compliance with the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, and the new EU Ship Recycling Regulations, which require Ship Recycling Facilities to develop a ship specific Ship Recycling Plan.


From pre-cleaning the ship and dismantling the vessel, to recycling materials and carefully disposing of waste, ICS SOLIX™ can supervise the entire ship recycling process. Based on our Inventory of Hazardous Materials, we will create a unique ship recycling plan for every vessel, which is fully compliant with the Hong Kong Ship Recycling Convention as well as the latest EU regulations.

After identifying the appropriate Ship Recycling Facility, our supervisors ensure that the ship recycling plan is properly executed and that any deviations are made with care. Ship owners receive scheduled progress reports, with full pictorial coverage. After the recycling is completed, a final report is provided that includes documented proof and verification of the entire process.


Implementation of Hong Kong Convention and EU Ship Recycling Regulation, and associated guidelines and guidance documents, is not only in its infancy; it is also little understood in theory and in practice.

ICS SOLIX™ provides consultancy to States and Authorities for the proper adoption and implementation of Ship Recycling Legislation and Guidelines, ensuring all requirements are met.


Whether you’re a shipbuilder, a shipowner, a supplier to the maritime industry, or a recycling facility, control of asbestos continues to be one shipping’s biggest issues.

ICS SOLIX™ provide complete services regarding marine asbestos regulation, its management in accordance with IMO Maritime Safety Committee and SOLAS, and liability issues, covering a wide range of support, including:

  • Asbestos identification onboard ships
  • Advice on control, or removal, of asbestos onboard ships
  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Asbestos Maintenance and Monitoring Plans
  • IHM compilation and training relating to asbestos


Whether it is Inventory of Hazardous Materials Maintenance, Ship Dismantling or Waste & Hazardous Materials Management, ICS SOLIX™ is the expert in safe working environments.

We provide certified training to ship owners, crew on board, management personnel and Ship Recycling Personnel, seeking to improve HSQE standards. Our training schemes cover general awareness issues as well as more specific topics, such as working at height and proper waste handling, segregation & management.