IHM – Maintenance

Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) MAINTENANCE

Completing an IHM survey and possessing an approved report, is only the beginning of being compliant. IHM is a living document. Maintaining it up-to-date throughout vessel’s life-cycle is a key according to both the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships and the EU SRR. Maintaining compliance for the entire service life of a vessel requires action. Any change on board must be identified and assessed and an update to IHM is required every time something changes. Also, HSQE issues onboard, related to IHM, requires active and constant monitoring. A maintained Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) is indispensable for minimizing health risks to a vessel’s crew and to meeting mooring requirements.

An IHM covers the entire life cycle of the vessel, from construction, throughout its active service life, until dismantling. Our IHM Maintenance service simplifies the update process. Utilizing data from PMS (Planned Maintenance System) and Purchasing (Stores, Spares, Consumables etc.) modules, IHM-sensitive items are identified, related data is collected and assessed, periodical reports are created and IHM is efficiently maintained. Once the IHM report is created, it’s logged to our database where it is being updated.

Based on universal Maritime procedures, ICS SOLIX IHM Maintenance service provides seamless and smooth transition between IHM Verification intervals, tracking efficiently all IHM-sensitive actions and items.

Maintenance of Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM), through collection, review and assessment of MD/SDoC forms, is critical to the smooth operation of a shipping company. Managing IHM Maintenance process requires detailed planning and efficient tracking procedures to ensure compliance with all the applicable EU and IMO regulations. Issues related to the proper Maintenance of Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) can cause numerous problems for a shipping company, including costly delays and possible fines.

At ICS SOLIX™, within our LAMINAE software, we have developed a truly automated solution, proven to keep human involvement at minimal and returning an effective result. Either connected to your purchasing software or updated by your SMS Requisition procedure, it creates the proper record of all new item bought, for every unique vessel. Sorting of items to PCHM is done automatically and a track record of Purchase is created.

All communication with suppliers is performed automatically and MDs & SDoCs are imported directly to LAMINAE software, updating relevant entries automatically while orders are categorized. MDs & SDoCs are evaluated by our experts and, when compliant, they are used to characterize items. Upon this, reports are created, upon request or at regular interval. Moreover, suppliers are rated according to their feedback, facilitating thus your company to take proper action in order to assure third party compliance to SMS procedures. Client has also continuous access to all data stored and processed, along with a full statistical analysis of Orders imported, their process status and rating of the suppliers.

ICS SOLIX™ has a proven record of preparing IHM for over 700 vessels, using its unique LAMINAE software, paired with iSURVE Mobile Application. Working with more than 100 shipping companies, we have a proven solution that covers all the IHM Maintenance requirements, while using the data to create added value for your vessels, standing by your side as a reliable partner.

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