LAMINAE™ is the Ancient Latin word for layers, plural of layer. From the beginning of its life, at shipbuilding stage, throughout its way to the end, at a ship recycling yard, a seagoing vessel undergoes a big number of changes, related to its technical status. Through Regular Operation and Planned Maintenance along with non-scheduled actions, such as repairs and conversions, bigger or smaller parts of a vessel are replaced and/or added.All the above create multiple “layers”, reflecting the timeline of changes that happened to the life of the vessel, during its operational lifecycle. This reminded us the so-called ship of Theseus, inspiring us to create LAMINAE™, a unique management software that enables efficient monitoring of a seagoing vessel.

What is LAMINAE™?
LAMINAE™ is a cloud-based software, designed specifically for facilitating an efficient management of the changes occurring on a vessel, through out its operational life. By dividing the vessel spatially, Project Operator has the ability to pinpoint specific checkpoints on the vessel and perform a periodical and scheduled monitoring of the desirable aspect he wishes to monitor, for each checkpoint. Moreover, via the unique iSURVE™ Mobile App [available for Android and iOS], the operator may assign the project of monitoring specific checkpoints to a Designated Person, either onboard or ashore. With the use of a Mobile device, the Designated Person navigates onboard the vessel, tracing checkpoints by reading the vessel plans that are available in the Mobile device and performing the assigned actions, set by the Project Operator. At the end of each interval, the Designated Person syncs its device and all recorded data are automatically available for the Project Operator, for review and assessment. Pertaining this, Project Operator may produce various reports, including desired data [photopholio, full report], creating cross-reference evidence, for future use.


Enabling seamless connection between the vessel and the shore-based personnel, LAMINAE™ provides solutions to a wide range of processes, such as Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) Preparation & Maintenance, Technical Planned Maintenance, Spares & Stores Monitoring, Remote Survey, Internal Audits etc. Moreover, Network requirements are kept to the least, facilitating the most efficient use of Internet Data, as Internet Connection is required ONLY during downloading and uploading project data. For fail-safe operation, all the recorder data are locally stored to the Mobile Device.